This year the committee has decided that rather than trying to arrange courses for DSA members we should encourage members to join courses run by other organisations which have the resources, insurance etc to run a variety of relevant training, such as the Eco Centre.

DSA has a healthy bank balance and we propose using some of this to subsidise members who want to book onto relevant courses.

Please contact Katy via the website for details – you will need to book and pay for the course yourself and claim the subsidy afterwards.

Katy Newman
Short Course Co-ordinator


DATE: Saturday 2nd April 2016
TIME 9.30am to approximately 4pm
LOCATION Holmlacy Farm,Tideswell SK178LW

CLOTHING – Please prepare for all weathers (you need to be wrapped up well if it is cold) and wear wellingtons/strong boots
REFRESHMENTS – Please bring your own food and hot/cold drinks

Course will be hands-on experience covering all aspects of lambing management including-

1 preparation for lambing/housing
2 basic anatomy
3 care of new born lamb and care of ewe
4 dealing with difficult and assisted births
5 lamb survival and fostering
6 lamb and ewe tasks
7 common diseases pre and post lambing
8 practical considerations at grass turn-out

Please note that no guarantees can be given that live lambing will take place on the day.
Cost of the course is £50 per person
This training course is being organised and run by Bill Jones who can be contacted on 07860534209 for further information.
Note: DSA members wishing to attend this course may request the £10 short course subsidy payment Рcontact Katy Newman via the website for further information.

Previous courses that have been held include:
Hedge Laying
Dry Stone Walling